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Virus Performance

The pursuit of your passion has set you apart. Motivation, dedication and commitment to perfection emerge every time you perform. It leads you to a self-forged satisfaction few will ever know or understand.  You are devoted, elevated and inspired by this passion that is part of you. It is the passion that defines you. Your progression is why we exist. In a new era of athletic achievement, our performance apparel keeps pace with the latest in nanotechnology, technical fabrics and biomechanical patterning to help push your limits. From training to performing to recovery, our offerings will help you in every condition and situation you encounter on your path. VIRUS is here to answer the call of the individual athlete. It’s you VS the world and its elements. // oneVS.


Møntergade 4
1116 Copenhagen, Denmark 

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EU orders and Customer Service
contact us directly at eu@virusintl.com



Product Warranty 

Every product of ours has a story and a reason. Each style has been tested by elite athletes in the sports and activities that define us. This means the quality of our fabrication must meet the same criteria. If your product does not hold up to your standards, please send it back in for a tune up on us. // VTEAM - Contact Customer Service at eu@virusintl.com. Please see information with your package about your return.