Are you participating in The Open? IV (EN)

Are you participating in The Open? IV (EN)

With the Crossfit Open just around the corner, we have collected the best advices from our amazing VTeam athletes.

Here are Klaus Uggerhøj (@Klausuggerhoj) and Julie Hougaard Nielsen ( best advices to get you through The Open

Julie Hougaard Nielsen

Julie has placed 1st in Denmark two years in a row, and her best worldwide finish was in 2019 where she placed 34h.
Hardest Open workout I have ever tried has got to be 19.4.
I am not sure why. It hit me really hard and might be one of the only times I was unable to get up for 10 minutes after.
The most fun Open workout could be 17.3, as I really like the workouts where you progress to heavier weights and get rewarded for being able to lift heavy under fatigue.
I always do the workouts twice. First try will be on Friday, ideally in the morning/midday and then I will rest and redo it again Monday (or Sunday if I need a third try, which is the worst case scenario). Planning the workouts is usually the most stressful part of the Open.
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Klaus Uggerhøj

Klaus has placed 1st in Denmark and his best worldwide rank is 34th.
He has participated in The Open since 2012 and his best advice for you to get through The CrossFit Open is:
Increase the intensity
Focus in not doing No-reps
Do not forget the importance of strength training

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